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Smart Home




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Smart Home –The Power Of The Modern Home

Turning the lights on and off; adjusting the thermostat; locking the door. These simple tasks have always been part of managing your home but you used to have to be in your home to do them. And if you forgot? Or if something happened while you were away? Well, you’d just have to deal with it when you got home.

Thanks to the power of technology, modern homes are being updated with home automation – giving homeowners like you the power to control your home for safety and comfort even when you’re not at home.

From automated scheduling to mobile control, from text alerts to customization, everything you wished you could do (or even when you just can’t remember if you did them!) is now under your control.

Why Smart Home Solutions?

Smart home solutions are all about remaining aware of what’s happening in and around your home, controlling access to your home, increasing security and safety of your family, increasing your comfort, and saving money.

With smart home solutions you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Unlock your door without fumbling in the dark for keys
  • Grant access to guests and visitors and track when they are in your home
  • Confirm that you’ve closed the garage door, or open it from a distance
  • Turn lights on and off from your mobile phone – for security or safe access
  • Save money by controlling lights and temperature remotely
  • Make your home more comfortable just prior to your return – saving energy while you’re away but increasing your comfort when you get home
  • Ensure you never have another major, costly leak again
  • Remain aware of what happens in and around your home at all times with cameras

Smart Home Audit

  • Have you ever wondered if you’ve left the garage door open?
  • Have you ever come home to an open garage door?
  • Have you ever returned home from vacation to a house that was too hot or too cold?
  • Have you ever worried about a major leak in your house, or returned home to costly damage because of a leak?
  • Have you ever wished you could have a neighbor check on your home but were worried about leaving a key under the mat?
  • Have you ever hired a cleaning crew and wondered when they arrived and how long they were there?
  • Have you ever found something moved or missing in your yard and wondered how it happened?
  • Have you ever wondered if you could keep an eye on your house even while away?
  • Have you ever received an energy bill and wished that there was a way to lower your heating and cooling costs while still maintaining a comfortable home when you were there?
  • Have you ever wished you could adjust your home’s temperature without having to go to the thermostat?


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